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Community Sailing on the Rez

The JYC Foundation dba Community Sailing on the Rez is a community based non-profit that promotes the sport of sailing on the Jackson Reservoir (Fed. Tax ID No. 46-3690710: Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law). 


The Foundation’s mission places a special emphasis on supporting youth sailing and swimming.  The Foundation grants funds for scholarships and  equipment for the community youth Sailing and Swimming Camp at JYC, to support sailboat racing programs on the Rez, and youth participation at regattas of the GYA held throughout the region.  Community Sailing on the Rez also funds Spring and Fall First Sail Days to invite first time sailors from across the community to get on a sailboat and try the sport.  The Foundation's goal for 2019 is to establish a Sailing Instruction Center.  The Foundation is a member of the First Sail program of US Sailing and has established the Jackson Reservoir as an official First Sail location.  The Foundation raises funds through donations, memorial gifts, and at a Mardi Gras Drawdown party held in February each year as the Foundation’s primary fundraiser.


Robert P. Wise, Chairman                         

Robert M. Jones, Treasurer

Suzanne S. Wise, Secretary

Edgar Buchanan, Director

A. Dale Currie, Jr., Director for High School Sailing

Joe C. Gibbs, Jr., Director for First Sail 

R. Kelly Kyle, Director

Jim Leggette, Director

Tina Martin, Director


Otis Johnson, Chairman Emeritus

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