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    Community Sailing on the Rez

The JYC Foundation dba Community Sailing on the Rez is a non-profit promoting community

sailing and swimming on the Jackson Reservoir (Fed. Tax ID No. 46-3690710).

The Foundation’s mission places special emphasis on youth sailing and swimming.  The mission

of the Foundation is to train the next generation of sailors and swimmers.  For more info 

contact Anna Marie Jones, Sailing Director, 700 Yacht Club Road: 

All programs and events supported by the Foundation are open to the public. 

Robert P. Wise, Chairman                     

Robert M. Jones, Treasurer

Suzanne S. Wise, Secretary

Laura Barron, Director




Edgar Buchanan, Director

Joe C. Gibbs, Jr., Director for First Sail

Jim Leggette, Director

Hal Pleasants, Director

John Spurzem, Director

(Otis Johnson, Director Emeritus)

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